3D Advent

Moving Brands, 2011

3D Advent is an advent calendar made from 3D-printed chocolates. Twenty four models were designed by people from across Moving Brands’ studios, then printed in plastic and chocolate using a RepRap 3D printer. While partly a chance to gain hands-on familiarity with 3D printing, it was also an exploration into how to use this emerging technology from a design and story-telling perspective, and how it might be incorporated into creative practices.

The chocolates were displayed in the window of Moving Brands’ London office, and their images used to populate a website and holiday poster. The project was featured in talks at Glug and This Happened London.

Developed with Campbell Orme, Ben Lambert, and a host of others. Invaluable technical support was provided by RepNap. Images from Moving Brands.

One chocolate was eaten, and proved to be edible, if not exactly tasty.