Tinker London, 2009

Rewind is a series of physical interfaces to the Nokia N900 mobile phone, built for the launch of the Push N900 hacking competition organized by Hyper. Each device consists of a retro gadget modified to highlight one of the phone’s functions: a Speak & Spell that sends text messages; a Rolodex that scrolls through the contacts list; a Viewmaster that captures and displays 3-D photos; and a radio that plays songs requested by text message and streamed from The devices were intended to be playful and to inspire participation in the competition. We also published a ‘hacker’s guide’ with instructions for connecting the N900 to Arduino.

Rewind was presented at the BFI for the Push N900 launch, at Designersblock for London Design Week 2009, and in the creative showcase for the C&binet Forum organised by the Department of Culture, Sport, and Media. The Push campaign was highly successful and has expanded to further campaigns in the UK and US.