Talks, Games, Exhibits, Publications

  1. 2012 Feb: 3D Advent Calendar at This Happened London

  2. 2011 Dec: 3D Advent Calendar at Glug

  3. 2011 Nov: Designing for Unfamiliar Interfaces at Reading Geek Night

  4. 2011 Nov: Design for Digital Context, with Fjord for Smarcos

  5. 2011 Jul-Nov: Homesense and the Big Red Button at MOMA Talk to Me exhibit

  6. 2011 Jul: Guidelines and best practices for designing dynamic inter-usable user interfaces, with Fjord for Smarcos

  7. 2011 Feb: Standing on the Shoulders of Hackers at OSHUG

  8. 2011 Feb: Digital Design drop-in at the V&A museum

  9. 2010 Sep: Work-in-Progress showcase at the V&A Digital Design Weekend for the London Design Festival

  10. 2010 Sep: Sine Sole Soleo at Unleashed Devices at Watermans Art Centre

  11. 2009 Dec: A Brief Overview of Arduino and Open Source Hardware at Open Hardware Camp

  12. 2009 Oct: Hardware Hacking/Hacking Games at Playful 2009

  13. 2009 Apr: Mobile Games and Hardware Hacking at Dorkbot Milano

  14. 2009 Jan: Panelist on 'Social Gamers: Away from the Keyboard' at SXSW 2009

  15. 2009 Jan: Competitive Picnicking at the Adelaide Film Festival and Fringe Festival

  16. 2008 Aug: Moving Parts at the ACM SIGGRAPH Video Game Symposium

  17. 2008 Jun: Competitive Picnicking at the Come Out and Play Festival

Classes and Workshops

  1. 2009-2011: Workshops and courses at the V&A museum, including two 8-week Introduction to Processing courses, and workshops teaching Arduino, toy hacking, and smart clothing.  

  2. 2010 Aug:  Three-day workshop on Arduino and interaction design as part of Medialab Chrzelice, a first-of-its-kind gathering of new media artists throughout Poland.

  3. 2010 May: 'Arduino Power' workshop with Jamie Allen at Thinking Digital.

  4. 2008 Nov: Visiting faculty at CIID for physical computing course taught by Massimo Banzi. Students developed new interfaces for old devices.

  5. 2009 Sep: Internet of Things masterclass with Matt Biddulph and Nick Weldin at dConstruct.

  6. 2008-2010: Arduino, design, and innovation workshops for clients including the BBC, BT, EDF, the AA, and Central St Martins.