DeviantArt, 2013
Research, app design
Senior UX Designer with Moving Brands

DeviantArt, founded in 2000, is an online art community with over 35 million members. In 2013, Moving Brands worked with DeviantArt to design a mobile app that would complement the website and support members' changing digital behaviors.

I worked in a small team and with client designers to research community members' needs and behaviors, define an MVP feature set, design flows and wireframes, and user test prototypes.

Screen shots of the app.
from Boldly Facing the Future on DeviantArt

Adapting a complex website to mobile. DeviantArt's website supports complex and overlapping workflows. The mobile app offered an opportunity to simplify some of these interactions. To determine how to focus the app, we needed to understand more about community members: why they were on DeviantArt, how they used the site, and how they used mobile devices.

We captured a mix of qualitative and quantitative information: we put out a survey that received hundreds of responses, and we observed and spoke with community members. We synthesized this information into personas for different types of members, their motivations and priorities, and how they participated in the community. This helped us to establish goals for how the app should feel, define an MVP feature set, and identify where we could create new interactions.

Images of work in progress, including personas, opportunity recommendations, and early sketches and wireframes. Screenshot of browsing art on the DeviantArt website, with an arrow pointing down to a screenshot of browsing art on the mobile app.

Prototyping with the client team. We collaborated closely with DeviantArt's designers and developers to finalize designs, build a high-fidelity prototype, and ensure everyone understood decisions and how we got there. When the app launched in 2014, it reflected the initial vision, and—with millions of downloads and a lot of feedback—DeviantArt was well positioned to improve the app over time.

Screenshots from UI prototyping: browsing art and a single artwork. Screenshots from UI prototyping: notes and feedback.