Internet Society, 2016-17
Strategy, research, web design
UX Director with Moving Brands

The Internet Society is a global nonprofit organization, founded in the early days of the Internet, that promotes an open, globally connected and secure Internet. Moving Brands worked with the Internet Society over two years to help articulate their vision and goals, refine and extend their identity, better understand their membership base, and redesign a large legacy website.

My role included facilitating workshops, contributing to strategy work, interviewing and surveying members and stakeholders, presenting to stakeholders and leadership, and leading UX for the website redesign.

Screen grab of home page from the Internet Society website

Designing in the open. The Internet Society has a collaborative, consensus-based culture, and it was important that their community was a part of the identity and website work. We interviewed and surveyed members, interviewed and held regular check-ins with staff and other stakeholders, and released work-in-progress updates and requests for feedback. The Internet Society encouraged conversation on member discussion boards and email lists.

This helped us to better understand the varied needs of the people the Internet Society works with, and it enabled the community to see and feed back on change as it was happening.

Screen grabs and quotes from survey and feedback on the visual identity.

Designing a focused, action-oriented website. Over the course of 20 years, the Internet Society’s website had accumulated over 30,000 pages, with inconsistent design and cluttered navigation.

We identified key types of community members and what they needed from the website—from information relevant to their interests and regions to actionable invitations to get involved. We streamlined the information architecture; established design patterns to support straightforward navigation and flexible editorial content; and emphasized events, campaign work and calls to action.

The website launched in beta in June 2017, and fully in September. The Internet Society continues to collect feedback from users and to iterate on the site.

Image of a site map for the new website. Grid of several wireframes and UI comps for the website redesign. UI comp for a news landing page. UI comp for a regional landing page. Three versions of the page for grants and awards: a photo of an early sketch, a wireframe, and a screengrab from the website. UI comp for an events page.